7. Fuel Up

Have you ever gotten halfway through a leg workout, only to collapse onto the floor, dizzy, unable to catch your breath? That may be an indicator of a good workout to some but to me, this is a sign that you haven’t fueled up properly.

The day before leg day I tend to bring my carbs up a little bit—especially the night before. The morning of, I try to eat a high-glycemic breakfast in the morning to bring my blood sugar up because I’m going to be punishing my body in the gym so I need a lot of fuel. I still get my protein in, of course. On leg day, I’ll eat 1-1 ½ cups of rice before and after. After a workout, you need to spike your insulin, so I will do something very high in sugar. For me, that means six dates and a protein shake. Dates are very high in sugar.

Pro Tip: If you’re going to go hard on leg day, make sure that you don’t skimp on carbs the day before. Also try to take in some fast-digesting sugars the morning of and immediately after your workout.

Moji Oluwa is a personal trainer, strength expert and posing choreographer in Los Angeles with 27 years experience in sports and training. He was captain of the Nigerian Olympic weightlifting team in 1996 and is an award-winning natural bodybuilder with 28 first-place finishes and 17 overall titles to go along with his seven Best Poser awards. He travels to guest pose at natural bodybuilding shows and does motivational speeches for colleges, high schools, Boy Scouts, Boys Home and churches. For more training advice, visit his personal site at http://www.mojifitness.com