Johnson’s Black Adam May Not Be a Total Supervillain

While the story of Black Adam is being kept under wraps, Johnson has hinted that his version of the character may not be a full-on bad guy, as he traditionally is in the comics. Producer Hiram Garcia, the production president at Johnson’s Seven Bucks Productions, said in an interview with “Well, you’re going to meet a character who’s going through a journey. He was created as a villain. And through the love of the fans and through some great writers and storytellers, he evolved into an antihero. The antihero is a character that we always loved and that we responded to. But we understand that there’s been many aspects to Black Adam through him. And ultimately he is a guy that everything has always been driven by his family and what happens to them. And he is never opposed to unleashing hell when you cross him. So I think when you add in those elements of that DNA, those are things we’re very aware of.”

Like Shazam, Black Adam has some major powers bestowed on him through magic including superhuman strength, stamina, invulnerability, genius intellect, expert fighting skills, the power of flight, and the ability to control lighting.